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If you're not having any luck or want to widen your search beyond dates in San Diego, look for people in nearby areas. You can use online dating to find people in Bonita or Lemon Grove, or look into the next major city, Chula Vista. For dates outside your living area, locate the halfway point between where you and your date live. Use the point to find a place you can both meet at without wasting a lot of time driving. Try to stick to public areas for your first date so you're both relaxed.

San Diego Dating

San Diego is the second-largest city in California and home to over one million people. With those odds, finding someone you connect with should be easy. Unfortunately, finding the right person often amounts to luck and being in the right place at the right time. If you need some help finding a person who has the same interests and life goals as you, San Diego Dating online might help. You can look for singles in San Diego around your age that share your interests and hobbies. You get to contact and talk to other singles in San Diego on your time, from your computer. Online dating in San Diego makes it easier to find people you're interested in by allowing you to view some basic information about them and communicate with them before you go on that crucial first date. Although you'll probably still be nervous meeting that special person for the first time, you'll have an idea about their personality and personal preferences beforehand.

Online Dating in San Diego

Once you've found someone using online dating in San Diego, you'll want to plan your first date. Review the conversations you've shared with the person and your mutual interests to get date ideas. For something fun and different, you can rent a GoCar and take a GPS-guided tour of the city at GoCar on Kettner Boulevard. At the Pearl Dive-In Theater on Rosecrans Street, you can watch a movie at the poolside and enjoy dinner and drinks. If you're both into sports, you can take in a Padres game at Petco Park. For dancing, you can visit the SideBar lounge on Market Street. If you're uncertain about what your date would enjoy, drop hints or ask for suggestions before you plan the date. If possible, combine you and your date's ideas to create a unique date night you'll both remember.

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